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False Positive

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Hi, hadn't heard of you guys until now!

Anyways, my product 'iCPv3', has been flagged up as false positive by your software, which is a bit embarassing, since we just released a new client - And the fact that we download a SWF for our game, tends to be quite a popular 'trait'. No, worries though; We're clean.

:D (Justr a bit annoying, that after a lot of PR users think that the software is 'bad'.

Download: *** the link in question was removed {Lynx}

Thanks, I'd appreciate it if you could sort this out quite quickly.


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Never post direct malware(pending) link on a pubic forum.It shall be removed at once.

Thanks Ray,

Sure, I removed the link



If you think that the flaggings of the Software is an FP,

Please save the report.

Submit as it described in Submitting suspected False Positives for analysis

In case you will use e-mail for contacting Emsisoft developers you can attach saved report as well

My regards

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I didn't wanted to open a new thread as there is a current thread with a general name. I encountered few FPs recently during on demand scan on Dev C++ packages. But submitting them according to step 1 here did not resolved the problem even after 7 days. So I have a doubt if that process is working at all or I have to follow either of the steps 2 &/or 3.

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Hi sg09, welcome to the forum

The "thread with a general name" does not matter - there are different cases and request with FPs

It is preferable & highly recommended to create a separate request

Otherwise you request can be just lost

I found your post by accident

Your message unfortunately is not clear

What method(s) you've used from the referred submission instruction thread?

My regards

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