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Nemucod .crypted failed, need help to decrypt

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Most of my files have been encrypted with the .crypted extension added to them, I tried the Emsisoft decryptor and it didnt work,

before you ask yes I did drop the two files on it at the same time. The instructions said I should give you the 3 txt logs so i did.

Please let me know what we can do next.

Thank you





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Hi Borgdrone,

Please upload some encrypted files here and the ransom note.

Also, please run a scan with Emsisoft Emergency Kit again and then delete what you find as it looks like you're infected with malware.



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It said it could not find a key for this system, did you use the files I provided? If you got a key can I use

it and plug it into the decryptor to fix all my files? Is there a better way of doing this, like slaving the drive 

in another system or???.

Thank you for your help.


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Normal users can't download your files, so I can't try it myself.  But if Sarah got it work, there should be a way for you to get it to work to.  You're prolly really excited I know, but be patient.  They're really busy so it may take her a while to get back to you.

In the meantime, I would just use the picture file you provided and try again.  I guess make sure you're using the decryptor here .  The "detailed usage guide" says the files need to be at least 4kB of so.  You shouldn't have to do anything special with your system config.  Though, if you wanted to, you could run Windows Pocket Edition from a usb stick and run the decryptor from there.  Only if you think your computer is blocking the decryptor for some reason.

But first, I would right click the Nemucod Decryptor....go to properties and check the "Run as Administrator" box just in case your system is blocking it from running.

There's also a discussion on this at bleepingcomputer here .  From the info there, if your files are the same size, the decryptor should work.  But if there is a big difference in file sizes, it might be a new "7zip" variant of Nemucod that is not currently decryptable.  You might want to post there too and let them take a look at your files.  Good Luck.

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THANK YOU! Yes I'm yelling, so friggin happy. Thank you Sarah, thank you Demonslay, and ty Bruticus.

I got it to work finally, I think my antivirus was stopping something. Reinstalled windows 8.1 64, and it worked.

You guys saved my life, I had already given up when you said try it again. 

I cant thank you enough, CHEERS!


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  • 9 months later...


"decrypt_Nemucod.exe" version tells me:


"The decrypter could not determine a valid key for your system. Please drag and drop both an encrypted file as well as its unencrypted counterpart onto the decrypter to determine the correct key. Files need to be at least 4096 bytes long."

Sample files attached, crypted and original version for each.

What might be the cause? Different encryption algorithm?





(EEK did find a file containing "Trojan.Agent.JS.RB (B)" and "Trojan.JS.Downloader.HUQ (B))

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