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Adding Domain To Firewall

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Some Context

I'm attempting to use Cisco AnyConnect to connect to a VPN (this seems to have worked successfully) so that I can remote onto a desktop machine. To remote connect, I am using Windows Remote Desktop.

When using Cisco AnyConnect, although I appear to be on the network I cannot access any networked drives. So it seems the firewall is blocking access to the domain.

When I attempt to remote access onto the desktop, I get an error message "Remote desktop can't find the computer ..." which seems to indicate that the firewall isn't letting it through.

When I disable the firewall, all of this begins to work.


So, my question is How do I add a domain to my firewall?

If I have a VPN, I want to allow all traffic from that VPN through my firewall.

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I would believe the ports need to be opened in the firewall so that you can use the services you are trying to use (RDP and file sharing) when connected to the VPN. Just open Emsisoft Internet Security, click on Protection, select Firewall in the menu at the top, and there should be a button to add a rule at the bottom. Note that you will have to select the rule after creating it, and move it to the top of the list before it will override the other rules.

When you create the rule, I recommend specifying what IP addresses the rule applies to, so that you are not opening RDP globally.

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