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Check This & Disinfect if Possible

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Hello Gentlemen,

I have this issue about a very important 35-MB .PDF.

 I finally could get this *.pdf file and for the first time in years I find it for free on a torrent link. If it is clean and the five results in the cloud scan are null, it is OK. I am very anxious to open it I lost a good version of it last December in the Cerber Ransomware Attack
If you please send me the cleaned version via my mail to study.

= If you disinfect it, thank you.

= If you tell me how to disinfect it safely, thank you.

= If you tell me how to use it EXACTLY and does not get infected.

Upload to Google & Read on-line? Open in the Browser? Simple Virtual Machine Software? Unactivated Windows 8.1 Reader?

David Fayez

Test URL / Me / Today

Transparent minds_ Narrative modes for presenting consciousness in fiction.pdf

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6 hours ago, Kevin Zoll said:

Hello David,

Unfortunately, Ceber encrypted files cannot be decrypted for free.  You could try file recovery utilities such as Recuva or EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.


This is a cursed Ransomware Mr Kevin

I nearly deleted all the infected files

 Recuva or EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard did nothing at all, no traces were found

Look at the above PDF and if it is clean unlike what is reported tell me

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