Issue with French language GUI

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I am trying Emsisoft Antimalware and everything seems to be running smoothly.

However I use French language and I have noticied some issues in the GUI. Mostly, truncated text.

"Acheter main" instead of "Acheter maintenant" / "Faire la mise à" instead of "Faire la mise à jour".

It would be nice to fix this ;)

Thanks !


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Download Image

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Ca fait longtemps que c'est ainsi, les textes français sont plus longs qu'en anglais, j'y  avais bossé dessus mais tout ne rentrait pas ...toutefois c'est compréhensible...>Merci Hairygeek pour cette remarque


It's been a long time that 's like that, the French texts are longer than in English,
 I had worked on it but everything did not come in ... however understandable ...> Thank you Hairygeek for this remark

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