Attacked by Jaff ramsonware and can not recover neither decrypt files

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From what I can gather, it's a newer one.

Seems Fabian posted a blog here about it.

And bleepingcomputer has a thread started for it here .

I thought there was another thread on it I saw earlier this week.  They might have reorganized them.  Anyway, read those over and keep checking back/posting at the bleepingcomputer thread and here to see if there are any updates.  Good Luck.

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Hi gsalvador69,

Currently, Jaff ransomware is not decryptable. You can either backup your files and wait for a solution, or pay the criminals (we do not recommend this) currently. 

A good backup procedure is very important and well worth the investment, especially make sure not to keep the backup attached to the system unless you are backing up (it is best to have two different backups). As a note, Emsisoft Anti-Malware would have prevented your system from being compromised and encrypted in the first place. So if you appreciate our support, why not do yourself and your files a favour and check our product out, and consider buying it.



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