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EAM not blocking/scanning?


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Hello Joe,

Thank you for providing this feedback. Regarding your first post, any chance you could attach the files that caused the ESET alerts so I can test them? Because no security solution monitors the system at exactly the same time/location, it is possible our software would simply have shown the same alert had ESET not already blocked it, however I don't want to make that claim without first testing it myself.


As for the second post, from what I can see everything detected was located in archives. This doesn't mean real time protection didn't monitor correctly, it just means that these files/archives were not modified.


If you have any further question about this, please let me know.

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As a general note:

File system filter drivers, which are the base for every on-access scanner, are organised in layers. Each driver is located at a certain altitude, which is assigned by Microsoft. The current assignment can be seen here:


This means, all requests pass through all layers in a fixed order and are only passed on further if the filter allows it. The moment a driver decides to block the access (which is the case here with ESET blocking access to the malware file), drivers above or below that driver will not see the request and therefore won't scan the file. This is working as intended.

Also keep in mind that the defaults of ESET and Emsisoft differ. By default, we only scan files when they are written to or executed, while ESET also scans when a file is merely opened for reading. You can set the EAM File Guard to "Thorough" to get the same behaviour. 

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