UIWIX ransomware

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Hello, my computer has been infected with UIWIX ransomware. Almost all of my files have been decoded (all sorts of files, i mean jpg, pdf, doc, mp3, xls, etc.). Now they look like that: file name and a 10 digits code followed by .UIWIX extension. There is also this ransom note in .txt format.  When i try opening any of those files i get an error message which says "Can't open this file. File format is not supported". I've attached the ransom note, an encrypted file and the original version (jpg photo). ID Ransomware result URL: https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com/identify.php?case=2a0d257cad5e6d1ec31934c865dd651738b95243 . I don't think i have the malicious file anymore. And i've heard UIWIX is fileless anyway?.. I really hope someone can decrypt this type of ransomware  because i don't have a back up and i need my files back... :(:(  If you need any additional info from me, i'm here to provide it. 


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