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A question about the command-line scanner

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There is a switch in command-line scanner, /s. This uses windows service during scanning. But what is the use of it when we can scan without it?

Is that fastens the scanning process? or helps malware removal?

If I am not wrong, at LUA, I can't use that switch but can continue scanning without it.

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The main advantage is that the signature database is only loaded once this way. This results in drastically increased start up times for the command line scanner. So if you invoke the command line scanner often (think mail servers invoking the scanner for each new mail or VirusTotal for example) cutting out the signature loading that causes 5 - 10 seconds of full CPU load each and every time is a huge benefit.

In addition in your LUA environment using the service the command line scanner is to scan files your current user has no access to. All you need to do is install the command line service once and all your scans are essentially done with full access to the system from now on.

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