Emsisoft Anti-Malware is the most expensive security solution in Brazil

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Emsisoft products are worth every penny, but nowdays it is so much more expensive here compared to other solutions like Kaspersky, ESET and Symantec products.

For example Emsisoft Anti-Malware costs R$ 71.17 while Kaspersky is just R$ 19,90 (digital download) and ESET NOD32 is R$ 23,00 (digital download).

I dont know if Brazil is a important market for Emsisoft, but the price is a problem for us. I think the price is just take of directly converting the value in dollar and applying a discount, but it isnt enough because brazilian currency ("Real") is so undervalued nowdays.

Many security and streaming companies doesnt do a direct dollar convertion, they use a regional price and I think Emsisoft could do that too.


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Guest Tempus


Here in Denmark the price for Emsisoft Internet Security is 47, 62 € . ( if I buy from Emsisoft's own website) . It's definitely a high price and a price that had scared many potential buyers off. Regarding myself then I have been with Emsisoft for 5 years now, and I have no plan to replace Emsisoft with another vendor. My system have been without any infections for 5 ongoing years, so for me it says it all . Next time I have to renew I will receive Emsisoft to a price above 23 € . :)

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