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Encrypted with .BTC file extension

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My system has been infected with ransomware using a .btc extension.  I tried the available decryption software for KeyBTC, but I believe this must be a new variant, as it is unable to decrypt it.  I've submitted a couple of examples.  In April 2016 on bleepingcomputer, Fabian Wosar mentioned the possibility of it using 7-Zip for encryption.  Not sure if anything ever came of it or if there are any other recommendations to recover the files.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




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The files appear to be encrypted by BTCamant, which is the successor of Radamant. At the moment it is not decryptable. You can either backup your files and wait for a solution, or pay the criminals (we do not recommend this) currently. 

Since this particular ransomware usually enters a system via RDP, please change all your passwords on that system, check for accounts that don't belong to you and make sure to either disable RDP or at least properly secure it.

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