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Scan Failed connection error

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I have recently updated emsisoft mobile security and now when I try to scan my Samsung note 4 using android 6.0 I receive an error message:

Scan failed check your Internet connection.

My Internet connection is fine and verified on my phone. When I scan using WiFi connection,  the scan gets to 70% and starts querying server. .. then fails connection. When I use my mobile provider with WiFi disabled,  I get to 90% but then I get the error again. 

As a result, I am unable to perform a successfull scan. Any ideas as to how to fix this? 

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Dear Haskellf,

Thank you for contacting us via our support forum.

Please excuse the circumstances, I can only imagine a temporary problem of our servers. Is there any other security solution installed on the device?

As you've mentioned you've recently updated, do you might have a more exact date when you've updated our security app?

Please could you let me know the version of Emsisoft Mobile Security installed currently?

Also please open the settings of your mobile device and choose "Security settings". Is Emsisoft Mobile Security listed and enabled as "Device Administrator“ there?

If you give it a further try, does the problem still exist?

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