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9713 Files is there a decrypter ??

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i think ransomware have infected my qnap nas

all files are crypted :( i have a file inside all folders calls HOW_TO_DECRYPT_FILES.TXT and have this content


Your personal identifier is:


Most of your important data has been encrypted.

To get your unique key and decode your files, you need send 0.2 bitcoin on adress 12KXyVKdjERkEFvfqPpnVNgmnZE4WgaTW5 and write us at email [email protected] your personal identifier and screenshot of the payment or Transaction ID.

If You have not bitcoins
Create a Bitcoin wallet:
Purchase cryptocurrency Bitcoin: (You can pay with any method, which is convenient to you - Visa/MasterCard/PayPal/Skrill/Amazon etc)

In response letter you will receive personal decrypter.
After decrypter starting all your files will be recovered.

Do not try to restore the data individually (only with our instructions) or run the anti-virus tools.
Attempts to decrypt the files manually, on your own without my participation may lead to loss of your data.
Outside decoders from internet is incompatible with your data as each user has unique encryption key.


most files are useless for me. but there a some 6 gb that are my live there is all inside all programms what i have payed and all things for my buiseness. i have made many backups but all are infacted so there is only the way to encrypt


i only have correct folders but inside all files are deleted only the decrypted files are there :(

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