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EMSIsoft, low detection rate in AV Comparatives


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None of the products tested by AV Comparatives are downright bad. In fact, AV Comparatives requires every participant to be "good" to even be considered for participation. So it is not surprising that there aren't any drastic difference between the products. User dependent detections are all detections where the user is given the theoretical opportunity to pick the wrong option and gets himself infected. They ignore recommendations in those alerts completely. So even if there is a clear recommendation to quarantine, it is counted as user dependent. As a result a lot of AVs adopted a "better to ask for forgiveness than permission" approach to alerts and will blindly quarantine everything first and give the option to restore from quarantine later than to ask the user what he wants to do first like we do. You can configure EAM to use the same approach by adjusting the File Guard settings to "Quarantine with notification" and the Behaviour Blocker to "Use the recommended option" automatically.


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