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Cannot you find the files you need? Is the content of the files that
you looked for not readable? It is normal because the data in your
files have been encrypted.

Your documents, photos, databases and other important files have been
encrypted with strongest encryption and unique key, generated for this
computer. Private decryption key is stored on a secret Internet server
and nobody can decrypt your files until you pay and obtain the
private key.


Encryption is a reversible modification of information for security
reasons but providing full access to it for authorized users.

To become an authorized user and keep the modification absolutely
reversible (in other words to have a possibility to decrypt your
files) you should have an individual private key.


The first step is reading these instructions to the end.

Your files have been encrypted with with strongest encryption and
unique key; the instructions ("DECRYPT_MY_FILES.html" and
"DECRYPT_MY_FILES.txt") in the folders with your encrypted files
are not viruses, they will help you.

After reading this text the most part of people start searching in
the Internet the word "Ransomware" where they find a lot of ideas,
recommendations and instructions.

It is necessary to realize that we are the ones who closed the lock
on your files and we are the only ones who have this secret key to
open them.

Any attempts to get back your files with the third-party tools can
be fatal for your encrypted files.

The most part of the third-party software change data within the
encrypted file to restore it but this causes damage to the files.

Finally it will be impossible to decrypt your files.

When you make a puzzle but some items are lost, broken or not put
in its place - the puzzle items will never match, the same way the
third-party software will ruin your files completely and irreversibly.

You should realize that any intervention of the third-party software
to restore files encrypted with our software may be fatal for your

There are several plain steps to restore your files but if you do not
follow them we will not be able to help you, and we will not try since
you have read this warning already.

For your information the process to decrypt your files (as well as the
private key provided together) are paid products.

If you understand all importance of the situation please follow to
next point where you will receive the complete instructions and
guarantees to restore your files.


For recover encrypted files you need to make the following points:

1. Copy Bitcoin address to safe place
First you need copy in safe place the bitcoin payment address. In case
of loss the bitcoin payment address, you can't decrypt your files.
Please mark bitcoin address below, copy, and save it in safe place:

*                                                                    *
*       xxxaddrxxx1                           *
*                                                                    *
Please mark bitcoin address above, copy, and save it in safe place!!!

2. Purchase Bitcoins with Credit Card or Paypal

Your decryption key can only be purchased with Bitcoins. Bitcoin is
a digital currency which can be exchanged from nearly every normal
currency. There are a lot of exchange platforms on the internet,
most of them are specialized on a single currency. Today buying
bitcoins online is very easy and it's getting simpler every day!

You have to purchase at least the amount shown below. It is
recommended to purchase a bit more, to ensure a successfull payment.
An extra of 2% should be enough. If you already own enough Bitcoins,
you could skip this step.

Demand: btcsum1 Bitcoins

The following exchanges and marketplaces are recommended: USA, Europe & UK Bank Wire and Cash Worldwide Europe Europe Worldwide, credit or debit card

Any kind of Bitcoin-Wallet isn't required, you can transfer the
purchased bitcoins directly to the payment address. If you want
create a wallet anyway, is recommended.

If you successfull bought the right amount of Bitcoins, please
follow the next step.

3. Do a bitcoin transaction

Now you have to send your purchased Bitcoins to the payment address.
If you just purchased Bitcoins an a exchange or marketplace site,
look for a section called "Withdraw" and enter the details shown below.
If you already own Bitcoins, send the right amount to the payment
address shown below, directly from the wallet you use.

If you have any problems with the transaction, feel free to contact
our Support.

Demand:  btcsum2 Bitcoins
Address: xxxaddrxxx2

After you made the payment transaction, you have to wait until we
manually confirm it. This process usually takes a few hours.
In some rare cases some payments need more time to get confirmed.

4. Decrypt your files

Process of decryption files will start automatically after payment
received. The process of decrypting files can take a long time
depending on the number of files.

After purchase of the decrypt process you will be able to:
1. decrypt all your files;
2. work with your documents;
3. view your photos and other media;
4. continue your usual and comfortable work at the computer.

We guarantee the restore of your files.
if you have any questions please contact me: [email protected]



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