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Activation code after purchase not valid at EMS or BD

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I've had EMS for several years.  My subscription expires in 7 days so I went to https://central.emsisoft.com/subscriptions to renew (have not received any notice about upcoming expiration).  When I clicked on renew, it took me to BitDefender Mobile Security & AntiVirus, made purchase and got Activation Code and made me create an account there. Then to activate I had to go to Google Play and install BitDefender.  BD would not accept the activation code, "already used".  Probably because I'd used that Activation at central.emsisoft which still says renew now.  

So, now I have EMS and BitDefender on my LG Android.  BD is not activated and EMS still says my subscription is expiring.

At the BitDefender account is says my device is same one listed at central.emsisoft and tells me to "buy now" because trial expires in 14 days...yet it refuses code.

Why on earth did central.emsisoft direct me to BitDefender to renew my subscription?  What is going on here, please?

May I have a quick response.  Thank you.

Device: LG H345
Android: 5.1.1
EMS: 3.0.2
Finally found Security settings, deactivated built in LookOut, restarted, now only Phone administrators checked are 1) Android Device Manager and 2) Emsisoft Mobile Security.
BD AntiVirus is listed but I have not checkmarked it.


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Dear jackiemarie,

Thank you for contacting our support.

Please excuse the circumstances and confusion caused from this bug.

You need to know we are working very closely with BitDefender, not just when it comes to our mobile security app Emsisoft Mobile Security for Android devices, but we are using BitDefenders Scan Engine in our products Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security as well.

What happened is that you must have clicked on a link in the online portal for Emsisoft Mobile Security which led you the wrong way to the website of our partner. I've just sent you a private message (PM) here in our forum with a new activation code for our mobile security app which you can use to unlock the full version of Emsisoft Mobile Security on your mobile device again.

Please remove BitDefenders mobile security product as it most likely would cause conflicts if both security apps are installed on your device. You can enter your activation code either directly in Emsisoft Mobile Security on your device or you can add it to your account via any web browser under https://central.emsisoft.com/.

I'll make sure that we can fix the link which you've clicked as fast as possible so that no more confusion can be caused. I deeply apologize for the troubles we've caused and hope you can excuse our error.

Thank you for using our software solutions, should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me again.

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I have responded to your PM and the EMS subscription is now updated with the Activation Code you provided.  I've uninstalled Bit Defender,  and things appear to be back to normal.   What a relief!

Thank you for your assistance and quick response.  


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Dear jackiemarie,

Thank you for taking the time for your reply to report back.

I'm really glad to hear you are up and running with Emsisoft Mobile Security now.

Also thanks a lot for reporting the problem and for your understanding.

If I can assist any further please just let me know.

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Dear Dmitrii,

Thank you for contacting our support.

Please excuse the circumstances. Please, could you tell me your activation code via a private message (PM) here in our forum?

Alternatively, please send a request to [email protected] containing your activation code or Cleverbridge reference number from your last order so that we can have a closer look.

In the meanwhile, if I can assist, please just let me know.


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