Emsisoft Has Come a Long Way

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I used Emsisoft Anti-Malware a couple of years ago then got tired of having to submit daily FPs and till wait they're whitelisted, the amount of FPs was annoying me and I got tired and ditched EAM completely.

Fast Forward to today, I recently upgraded my SyncBack Pro license from v7 to v8 and they gave me a free 1 year license for EAM so I thought of trying it again.

It is very light, the user interface is very intuitive, and I got 0 false positives, literally 0! I also love the fact that it has PUP detection which a lot of AVs don't!

And although it blocks malicious sites (I guess it has an HTTP Scanner), it doesn't slow my internet or browsing speed like ESET's NOD32 did for me.

Well what do you know, I got tempted by the renewal discount and I ended up renewing / extending my license for 15 PCs until 2030! No more having to worry about AV subscriptions for a looooooooong time.


Huge shoutout to the Emsisoft Team and I hope 2BrightSparks (the author of SyncBack) continues to have such nice offers, if it weren't for them offering me this free license, I wouldn't have been tempted to try EAM again.

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