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Just been hit by encryption. I have checked with ID Ransomware and list potentially Cry36, Cry128.

I have tried running Cry9, Cry128 (Runs through but doesnt find), Amnesia & Amnesia 2 (Runs through but doesnt find), and CryptON. 

Currently running HiddenTear Bruteforcer, but i believe this is not going to be helpful. 

Can someone confirm this is Cry36 and if so is there a decrypter available? 

Chrysanthemum.jpg.id-572002006_[[email protected]].s79ob

slide-bullet.png.id-572002006_[[email protected]].s79ob

Tulips.jpg.id-572002006_[[email protected]].s79ob

### DECRYPT MY FILES ###.html

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It looks like ID Ransomware is correctly flagging the ransomware as Cry36. The possibility that it may be Cry128 was based on the file name of the ransomware note, which in this case it looks like it's just reusing a file name known to be used by Cry128 and isn't actually Cry128.

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