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Problem with nemucod-decrypter

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Hello ,


I am trying to decrypt my files (encrypted with nemucod (.crypted)) and moved the two files to the decrypter-program. I receive a error-note (see above). Can somebody help me or tell me, whats wrong? Thank you very much and sorry about my bad english-skills.


Schritt für Schritt Data-AL Konfiguration.rtf

Schritt für Schritt Data-AL Konfiguration.rtf.crypted

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Hi ! I'm having the same problem (same error message), so I went on https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com and this is what I got. What should I do to decrypt my files ? Thank you !

I also need to say that I don't know where is the ransom note/guide to decrypt my files, there is nothing on my desktop about this, except a new file named "desktop.ini.crypted" in each document that contains a crypted file.



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