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Decryption for PClock (Updated)

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Unfortunately files on my PC have been encrypted. The infection has already been removed. Using ID-Ransomware the result is PClock (Updated)

I have try using decrypt_pclock2, however I get the message, " This system does not appear to have been targetted by the PClock malware in the past"

Can you advise if there is anyway available to me to decrypt my files?

Many Thanks



Your files are locked !!!!!.txt

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Hello David,

PClock (Updated) encrypted files cannot be decrypted for free.  You can try a data recovery tool like Recuva or EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, but there is no guarantee that either one will be able to recover the original files.   Alternatively, you may want to look into hiring a company that specializes in forensic data recovery, that can be expensive.

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