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I can't open port in EIS Firewall

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I'm trying to open a couple of ports for a game and the settings are.

  • Allow
  • IN/OUT
  • UDP
  • PORT
  • ALL

I'm on a private network and the rule is above the 2 blocks on the bottom. I also opened up my local IP to DMZ and when I test the port I get "Connection Refused" on CanYouSeeMe.org and Closed on WhatsMyIP.org


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Your description suggests that something in the 'Traffic handled by application rules' section might be blocking things.  A quick way to check would be to move your new rules above that section.  But that's clearly not a good idea in the longer term.

EIS does make detailed logs of firewall decisions, but they are placed in "debug logs" which most people do not usually have turned on. It might be useful for you to turn them on to see if the FW log files give you any clues.   For turning on debug logs see the standard instructions, in eg this thread:


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I'd recommend not putting your system on a DMZ in your router config when EIS is configured for a "Private" network.


As for your rule, did you try moving it to the top of the list of firewall rules? Any rule above it would supersede it.

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