Thank you Emsisoft Team!

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I've used Emsisoft Internet Security for 3 years now.

and today I just purchased another 2 years.


Emsisoft has come a long way since their v9 version.

I must admit there was some period during v10 i was having so many issues

that I switched to another product.  Then I came back after I felt it was more



I really enjoy the options and flexibility this program gives me, and although there

is a couple things I would tweak, i think it still does a great job offering another layer of protection.


so heres to another 2 years of security!

also i wanted to add, I really like the pricing model... of offering discounts based on years of loyalty,

i appreciate that.


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A special thanks and appreciation goes out to Mr. Kevin Zoll of your staff. 

I presented this gentlemen with a problem that took  him over two weeks of daily communications and special scrips being written by him to finally break through two locked drivers that were constantly regenerating a malware program known as smart service after being suspended and then removed.  I had never heard of this company before then but Mr. Zoll persisted day after day using various programs which wouldn't work and personal scripts written by him until the problem was solved. 

Thank you Mr. Zoll for your tireless efforts on my behalf for I know this was indeed a challenge. to your abilities.. The efforts put forth by Mr. Kevin Zoll reflect great credit on himself and on the company the Emsisoft which he works.



James ,

login in name ANTARES.

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