How to Add variable for policies exclusion

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i've to Add on the EEC some exclusion. I've a batch on my computer login on start (exemple : user/JEAN/MENUDEMARRER/start.batch)

how can i add a variable like %userprofile% /menudemarrer/start.batc to put on monitoring exclusion ?

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You can copy the environment variable you want to use (e.g. from a text file), open the GUI client and go to Policies > Computer policies > Computer settings view. Under Exclusions section, there are the two options: 'Exclude from scanning' and 'Exclude from monitoring'. When opening any of then, the exclusions window you will open and you're gonna see a 'Paste' button. Hit it and it will paste the user variable.

Another option would be to edit an already existing exclusion item - just click on it and it becomes editable. You can also select a standard variable from the drop down list displayed in the right hand side of each exclusion line and then fill the rest of the var name by hand.

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