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missing feature

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After update to version , it seems that the new feature in "surf protection" is missing.

From the CHANGE(B)LOG: "Optional redirect for blocked hosts in Surf Protection feature added. Blocked websites display ”Blocked by Emsisoft Anti-Malware”".

I don't have this feature.

Do you have that feature?


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Yes, I have searched for it, too, but couldn't find it.

I open a Support Ticket about it:

the first answer:


it is a internal feature without options to set in the GUI."

which seemed strange so I answer:

"you mean that the feature exist and it just not set in the GUI?

but in "Anti-Malware, Mamutu, Online Armor" Forum someone add image of beta update, with that feature in the GUI.

I add the image "

they asked the versionnumber that in the screenshot.

I answer that it was before the stable 0.81 was out. (beta updates)

it was 9 days ago and until today I didn't get response.

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In the latest stable release we've removed the extra checkbox and bound the feature to the "Join the Anti-Malware Network" checkbox in the updater settings.

It's mainly about privacy, because if the redirect is on, all requested URLs are redirected to the Emsisoft servers. That way we can catch new malware faster.

If you need to release a blocked website, please add the hostname to the host rules and restart the application that tried to connect to that website.

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