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Need decryptor for DNR ransomware.

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Need a little help..

My PC got hit by ransomware because I clicked on a link. (which is my own fault, i knew it could be suspicious)

moments after the i clicked on it, i got a pop-up from 360 total security saying ''unable to handle suspicious file''

And boom.. ransomware screen on my desktop.

I have 12 hours to pay. 

It's asking me to pay 300 DNR and to contact [email protected] for a payment link.

I'm not willing to buy, and I don't care a lot about the files I have.. would have been great if I could get some pictures back.

Is there any decryptor available?

already tried the method in this link, but that didn't help:

I'm not going to pay, whatever the amount is.

Thanks in advance.


p.s. files are locked in .dnr extension. and i don't know what type of ransomware it is.

EDIT: ransomware is DNR / Denarius type.. if im correct.

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Hi Josh,

Can you upload your ransom note (or if it's a message box, upload a screenshot of it) and an encrypted file? Can you also upload the file which 360 total security alerted on, and submit the website link you clicked on to virustotal (change to url and paste the website address in there) and then paste a results URL.



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