CLOSED Windows Firewall GUI Sometimes Shows WFW Public Profile ON with EIS Installed

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This is just a FYI as it is a Windows bug

  • Windows 10 Pro Version 1703 OS Build 15063.483 64-bit
  • EIS 2017.6.0.7681

1.  Windows Security Center shows EIS Firewall ON and Windows Firewall OFF (Cap1 below)

2.  Despite 1 above, Windows Firewall GUI shows Public Profile - Windows Firewall ON (Cap2 below)

3.  Within Windows Firewall GUI, change Public Profile - Windows Firewall from ON to OFF and then Save Settings

4.  The change made in Step 3 does not always persist; Public Profile sometimes reverts from OFF back to ON (Cap2 below)

5.  After attempting to set Windows Firewall Public Profile to OFF multiple times, it stays OFF (Cap3 below)

Download Image

Download Image

Download Image

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