Attach 2 new EMS licences to existing EIS licence

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I hold an existing 3 device licence for EIS. I also  thought I held a licence for EMS on an Android device but can find no record of this.

It is probably expired any way although it seems to perform checks at each logon.

Is there a way to purchase 2 new EMS licences to fall due for renewal with my current EIS licence to be installed on 2 separate Android devices.

The EIS licence was recently renewed.

I can supply further details if required.

Regards Pedro59


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Dear Pedro59,

Thank you for your request here in our support forum.

Good news, I've found an older 1 year 1 device key for Emsisoft Mobile Security in your order history which you've never used to unlock the full version.

I'll send you the key in a private message (PM) and help you with an upgrade for two mobile devices there as well.


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