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Amnesia 2 Encryption - but EMSIsoft Decrypter not working?

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sorry if this is posted in the wrong place.. or something. I couldn't really tell if there was an ongoing support thread or what.

Hey just had a machine get hit with Amnesia 2, at least from what I have been able to figure out searching online as well as running it through ID Ransomware.

Is this actually Amnesia 2? The EMSIsoft Decrypter doesn't seem to be able to find a key at all, I tried running on the affected machine as well as on another machine even after having removed the malware.


I'll attach an encrypted file as well as the TXT file that's showing up with everything.

Any help would be appreciated, I'm kind of at a loss. I know these things can take time since the ransomware is always changing and things need to be updated to combat newer variations.



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I just emailed the address that the TXT file says to contact asking if they could just give me the decryption program.

He said he would give me a discount! haha.

I asked again nicely and he saw the error of his ways, sending me the unlocker which has now decrypted all my files.


What a nice guy! :)

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13 minutes ago, Fabian Wosar said:

Well, except for him being a criminal I guess. There was a new minor variant of Amnesia2 which is now also supported by our decrypter.

You're right, but Alan Gerek is now my buddy (though that's most certainly a fake name). 

He also never responded to my last email which was full of thanks... that was kind of rude of him, but that's a criminal for you.

Keep up the good work :D

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