Feature Request: More Descriptive Details

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When you receive a "Behavior Alert!"

you are given the program name, the type of behavior triggered.

MD5/SHA hashes.



Certificate Validation.


File Version


Most of this information, I would almost "never" use.

Even  Explorer's file properties displays this information, and I've almost rarely ever used it.


What really would be 100x more useful though, is seeing the technical details about the behavior in question.

Basically, I want more verbose technical information on what triggered the issue.

Like in Emsisoft v9, they would show you something like "MSHTML.DLL -> xyz.dll is trying to overwrite a file"

and gave you a lot more information about what was really going on behind the scenes.


Currently... I find the "View Details" to be useless in learning about what triggered the behavior.  A program

could be accessing something legitimately one time, and another time, might be acting as malware.  Without

additional information on what was being accessed and from which module, its a bit of guesswork on what

behaviors to allow.



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To see all those details you need to change the Behavior Blocker to "Alert" instead of "Auto resolve". The large alert windows have a Details tab that contains all meta data of the affected programs.

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