Feature Request: Block Active Programs

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I realize this suggestion has been posted before in the past, but I do think it could assist in improved security.

When a program gets blocked, if the program is already running... the program won't be blocked again until
the next run.  It would be useful if the tasklist was searched for the application name, and then attempted to
terminate the process.

In light of the fact that a2service.exe does not block programs that started before a2service started, it would
be a good measure to take, for the list of blocked programs to be iterated through and compared to the tasklist.

Which might not be terribly hard to implement considering EIS already does have searching tools for active tasks
built into the behavior blocker.

Granted, some of the damage might have already been done by the program preceding a2service, but at very
least, might be good to interrupt it from proceeding further. 

You wouldn't have to do this blocking task all the time either, only once at startup, and then again whenever
someone chooses to block a program entry.

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