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Cry36 Malware

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Dear Readers.

Our company was infected with the nemesis Cry36 ransomware.
We restored back-ups so we're fine, except for a few files that are encrypted en very important.

The ransom note:


To decrypt your files you need to buy the special software – «Nemesis decryptor»
You can find out the details / buy decryptor + key / ask questions by email: [email protected]

Reserve contact for communication (online chat):
http://tptbibuegry2nvuh.onion (need Tor-browser)
https://tptbibuegry2nvuh.onion.to , https://tptbibuegry2nvuh.onion.cab , https://tptbibuegry2nvuh.hiddenservice.net (not need Tor-browser)

Your personal ID: 3690433065

I see that this awesome company has alot of decryptors available, but not for cry36

I do own one file that we have the encrypted version aswell as the regular version of and the size differences 36 bytes.


Does anyone know a way of decrypting this kind of ransomware? 



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unfortunately, it is impossible to decode the affected data

because threat supports double-encryption standards.

if you don't have backups then you need to make the decision if your data is worth paying the ransom for and hope they honor it )

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