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unable to start decrypt_Globexxx

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I think my Computer is infected by some GlobeImposter variant. I think the malware itself was removed by Windows Defender, but of course the files are still encrypted. ID Ransomware identified as GlobeImposter 2.0, but i am not sure if this is true.

I tried the various globe Decrypter from your website, but it seems like drag and drop is not working, I always get the message "Reference file is missing..." (depending on the version of the decrypter i tried), but i did drag and drop the reference file AND the encrypted file to the decrypter .exe.


As required I started EEK and FRST. I will add FRST.txt and Addition.txt and also an encrypted file and the reference file, also the HOW TO file from the ransomware, maybe it helps.


Many thanks in advance.


Schulkind-Kreis-Stern-2017.afdesign.crypt.{[email protected]}.BRT92.{[email protected]}.BRT92




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did u only have windows defender running? i have emsisoft internet security and so far i have stayed safe from all ransomware,malware and virus's..i have paired Emsisoft with zemana and i could not be happier..i highly suggest once u get this problem fixed to look into emsisoft software..gl man

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