Feature Request: Automatic Application Rules

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In the firewall tab, we have an advanced configuration

Protection -> Firewall -> Automatic Rule Settings

(Opens Advanced Firewall Settings)


I would like to see in Application Rules, a similar button, that does something similar.

Basically, a "template" of custom behaviors that we want to be allowed/disallowed by default.

This would mean, that every program that runs, an entry would be created in a2rules.ini
and it would set all of the behaviors, to this predefined template.

Currently, if a program is run, by default it does not create a rule and runs under the pretense of "All Allowed",
so long as emsisoft does not detect a behavior.  Having a predefined template, it would then actually reduce the
number of Alerts, asking what you want to allow/disallow.

Then, if a part of your software is not working, one could simply look in the forensics log, and see what aspect
of the program is being blocked.

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