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Christian Mairoll

Team up for better surf protection: Online and in the water

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The sight of a drone flying overhead is increasingly commonplace, from open air concerts to nature documentaries. Yet, they offer more than a simple way to take breathtaking footage. Accessible drone technology is not only transforming people’s day to day lives, but also offer vital tools to better understand the dangers of our world. We were awestruck when we discovered the use of drones in humanitarian action after the 2016 Central Italy earthquake. Finding practical and innovative uses for technology is what Emsisoft does, so when we approached Surf Life Saving New Zealand (SLSNZ) to use drones to make surfing safer, they jumped on board at the opportunity. Thanks to this joint research project, these unmanned aerial vehicles have helped create valuable data in a field that found valuable research applications in the field of surf protection and prevention.

Watch our video to find out how:

Back in November 2016 we started out with the world’s first surf protection research using high technology drifters. Our shared initiative with Surf Life Saving New Zealand has mapped currents and rips to further understand threats and dangers that await unsuspecting surfers under the surface. Very little is known about the current behaviour at the sea bed which is particularly alarming considering that the majority of drownings occur close to shore. If researchers can understand how malicious rips and currents behave, accidents can be prevented and missing persons can be located faster. Though locally executed, the data and insight gained will have future applications for surf lifesaving organisations all over the world.

Awareness for better surf protection is the ultimate goal

Embarking on this journey and creating our dedicated Surf Protection project page was developed to raise awareness for the importance of the work of Surf Life Saving New Zealand and those who volunteer their time to help protect swimmers and surfers in NZ waters and beyond.

Visit Emsisoft’s Surf Protection page here!

You may be wondering how an anti-malware provider fits into this scenario. For the team at Emsisoft, it is equally important to protect online surfers from potential threats. Ransomware can take hold of unsuspecting web surfers with an unrelenting grip, much like a invisible rip current does.Similar to the work of SLSNZ, our efforts begin well before an emergency occurs and together we strive to keep you safe both online and in the water before the worst happens.

Christian Mairoll, CEO of Emsisoft says

At first thought, you may think that the only thing our organizations have in common is the terminology ‘surf protection’, but it’s far more than that. Protecting web surfers from all sorts of internet threats requires a very similar approach to what the guys on the surf beaches do. Observation of the dangerous environment, analyzing specific threats and most importantly prevention of dangerous situations that surfers suffer from everyday. Advanced knowledge of the matter is key. It’s the same online as on the water.

Team up for better #surfprotection!

Visit our campaign page and learn more about how drifter technology works and follow along with the progress of this research. Watch the Emsisoft Surf Protection video and share it with all of your friends and family to help spread the message with our hashtag #surfprotection.

Safe surfing!

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