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EIS: Create Custom Rule - Window issue.


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EIS 2017.7.0.7838

Windows 7 32-bit


Try opening a program with no firewall rules, trigger the firewall. (Tested with svchost)

Click "Create Custom Rule"

click "Add new Rule"

then press the Enter key.


The focus seems to toggle back to the original Alert, but locks you out from doing anything,
press Enter again, to get the focus back to the rule creation dialog.

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I don't think we really intend on the alerts being open while creating rules, however I will ask to confirm whether or not they should be accessible while an alert is open.

Does this also happen with Behavior Blocker alerts? You can test them with the batch file at the following link (just don't select "Allow always" as it will make it useless for testing in the future):

The batch file just uses the code from BatchGotAdmin to reopen itself with administrative rights, which triggers the Behavior Blocker. The batch file doesn't do anything else.

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Well, if a user cancels the rule editing.... they still have the option of going back to the Alerts window, and "Allow once" or "Block once" etc.

I haven't tried with behavior block alerts,  because I can't get my applications into a Custom Mode "before" they run    (didn't some user mention that recently?) :P

also your bb_Test for elevations, did not trigger the behavior blocker for me, and it did ask (and got) permissions.

Also..... I've been noticing, there hasn't been a "Create Custom Rule" on some of the alerts.... even when the application has no rules created for it  either.


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