A few Bugs for EIS with very serious performance impact

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Dear Emsisoft ,

First , my main language isn't English ,

so i do apology for my basic English , hope you guys won't mind .


I had few very serious bugs had to report to Emsisoft official ,

because those problem are not just happen on me , but also happen on many many Mandarin(Chinese) Windows system user .


My system : Windows 10 Home x64 ( with Chinese-Traditional language)

Emsisoft Interent Security version :  2017.7.0.7838


Note : As i know , those bugs are not just happen on Windows 10 , but also Windows 7 ,

and all 64bit、32bit system .


Bug 1 :

A few days ago , Emsi had upgrade to the new 2017.7.0.7838 version , 
after Emsi install finished and reboot the system , this bug start happen .
When we open the Emsisoft Security Center panel ,
and select the " logs " option , the CPU use rate will start to grew and staying at 25% ~ 30%  ,
and it won't stop or lower .
The most important is , the Emsisoft panel will freeze for few min (not always same , but usually 3~5 min) ,
and sometimes the crash is too serious , it will dead forever ,
at this moment , the Emsisoft panel everything can't work  !
But the biggest problem is , the CPU use rate still can't get lower ,
the CPU freeze at 20% ~ 30% for the " Emsisoft Security Center " this Processing procedures ,
we try to exit the Emsisoft and restart , but not working , The Emsisoft process still there and can't reboot .
Even using Work manager to force close it , but nothing happen .
The only way i know how to fix it , is the user must to sign out the windows system and resign in ,
the Emsisoft will restart , and the CPU use rate problem will be solve .
But if the user try again to switch into log page on Emsisoft panel ,
all the problem will restart it again .
Bug 2 :
The Surf Protection can't work !
When i switch to the Surf Protection panel , and select " Add new rule " , than enter the link (or website) that i want to block ,
those link i add can't be save into the Emsisoft !!
E.g. : I enter a link like " " into Emsisoft Surf Protection panel , and finish setting , than i switch to other option ,
and switch back to Surf Protection panel , those link i add will be disappear immediately , all gone !!
And very big opportunity , the Emsisoft Panel will crash in few sec ,
this crash will make all Emsisoft panel freeze and never restart , until i sign out the windows system and resign in .
But the tricky thing is , those blacklist that the original official add , still working ,
if i visit those website , the Emsisoft surf protection still working !
Step1、Switch into the Surf Protection panel and enter the link i want to block
Step2、finish the setting and press " OK " to save , confirm the link i add is already show on the panel 
Step3、Switch to other option and switch it back to Surf Protection panel , all my personal setting is disappear !






I pretty like Emsisoft , so starting from February this year , i recommend more than hundred user to try Emsisoft ,

more than 10 user buy the premium by my recommend , and now , they had all the same problem with it .


So they came for me and ask for the solution ,

unfortunately , even myself can not solve it ,

So i pretty hope the official can fix those very serious problem ASAP .....


Best regards ,

Kevin Yu

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16 hours ago, havredave said:

I'm handling this one via email support. I'll post back here when we know more.


Dear David ,

Thanks for your reply ,

and I had received your email ,

we will continue to discuss those bugs by Email .


And for those who also had the same bugs user ,

if there had any solution for those bugs , 

we will post right here to make everyone know :)

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Alan-G1962, are you using an Asian language configuration in Windows? The Emsisoft language setting doesn't seem to matter. We've only had a few reports of this, but they've all shared that similarity.

If not, please contact me at [email protected] and I'll do some investigating with you, rather than hijacking KevinYu0504's thread.


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For those issue i had report in this post , 

it had already be fix in the newest beta version - 2017.8.0.7904 .


If you had and same issue like me , please update to the beta version :)



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Thanks Kevin,

To switch to the beta feed:

  1. Open your Emsisoft product
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Updates
  4. Change the drop-down menu from Stable update stream to Beta update stream
  5. Press the Update now button
  6. Reboot the computer when it's finished updating. If it has you reboot during the update, consider that your reboot; you don't have to do it again. This step is optional, but recommended.

Please consider switching back to the stable version within a few weeks, even if the beta works. Beta releases are just that, beta, and may be unstable in some cases. You may learn more about when releases come out, here: 

Anyone needing help switching please contact us at [email protected]

If you were one of the very few using a special skin file for this issue and haven't switched away from it yet, again, please contact us via email.

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