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EAM loosing language setting


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To avoid potential confusion in the thread 'Problem with language selection' I'm starting one of my own.

As I mentioned in that thread, I have the same problem of EAM loosing the language setting.  In my case the preferred computer language is English and the location is Sweden.  EAM keeps reverting from English to Swedish, sometimes totally, sometimes partially.


Today I started my portable computer.  It doesn't get used much and EAM reported 6 days since last update (I update manually there).  The  following happened:

On startup, I saw that the EAM had reverted - as far as I could see, totally - to Swedish (SV)

Set the language to EN   Everything checked as being EN

Restarted the UI   Still everything is EN

Restarted the UI once more.   Still everything is EN

Turned on Debug logging.   Still everything is EN

Closed the UI

Restarted the computer

Fired up the UI

Overview tab is EN

Clicked the tabs and sub-tabs in order, left to right

Still EN until Settings, which is a bit of a mixture

  • The sub-tab headings were EN

  • Stuff under sub-tab General was Swedish (SV) and the language in the Language box also showed 'Swedish'

  • Stuff under sub-tab Privacy was EN but 'Look up reputation' stuff was SV

  • Stuff under sub-tab Updates was SV, though 'Update feed Stable' was just this (i.e. EN).

  • Stuff under sub-tab Notifications was mainly SV but some EN:

           - Real-time detections

           - Removable device connections

           - Software updates

           - Don't show notifications in Game Mode

           - Notifications location

           - Email notifications

  • Stuff under sub-tab Exclusions was EN

  • Stuff under sub-tab Permissions was mainly EN but lead text in the Master Key box was SV

  • Stuff under sub-tab License was SV

Disabled Debug logging

This has happened several times, so it seems reproducible with the computer in its current state.   Note though that I've previously seen changes in other tabs and sometimes everything.

I've sent the debug logs, referring to this thread.



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We believe this issue will be fixed in our next beta release. Here's how to switch to the Beta update feed:

  1. Open Emsisoft Anti-Malware.
  2. Click on Settings in the menu at the top.
  3. Click on Updates in the menu at the top.
  4. On the left, under Update Settings, click on the box to the right of Update feed and select Beta from the list.
  5. Click on the Update now button on the right side.

You can keep on eye on our changeblog at the following link to see when the next beta is released:

If you would like to be automatically notified when there is a new version of our software available (beta or stable), then we have an RSS feed available at the following link:

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