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Some Quarantined Files Do Not Appear in GUI Quarantine List + Occasional Duplicate Forensic Log Line Items


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EAM *.7838

Windows 10 Pro 1703 OS Build 15063.540 x64

1. Extract malware pack

2. Files are detected by File Guard real-time protection

3. Detected files are auto-quarantined and added to the Quarantine folder with .EIQF extension

4. Not all detected and auto-quarantine files appear in the GUI Quarantine list

5. Also some event logging quirks appeared in the Forensic Log during the process of detection and auto-quarantine

There are occasional duplicate entries.  The Component\Action sequences are OK.

In the image below, take note of duplicate, identical line items for:

  • xls.xls (there is a duplicate "infection quarantined")
  • JbhbUsFs.exe (there is a double behavior blocker detection and Core notification)

Minor GUI stuff; the applicable protections themselves are working.



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