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Anti-Malware 5.0 trying my patience

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Good Evening, :)

I installed Emsisoft Anti-Malware 5.0 Free on this PC and my Laptop some time ago and was very pleased with it.

Then one day when I went to update the definitions a dialog box appeared saying "A serious action prevented the software from opening, reboot the computer and try again." They are not the exact words but very similar. I should have taken a screen shot of the error, but did not....sorry.

I did as asked, but got the same information. I then uninstalled the software with Revo uninstaller, downloaded and installed again, updated the definitions and all was then running well.

The above has happened so many times now, I have given up in disgust. I have now uninstalled the software on both systems but would like to know what the problem is and why the software runs well for weeks, then all of a sudden gives me this annoying error. Both computers are clean of malware with no other problems at all.

Assistance with your software would be appreciated thanks.

kind regards,


Windows XP SP/3,


RAM 2048MB,





Graphics NvidiaGeForce 6200




Billion Wirless-G ADSL Router

New 80GB HDinstalled 5th June 2007


Operating System Genuine Windows XP Home SP/3

Processor Intel® Core 2 Duo T7200 (2.0GHz/4MB L2Cache)

Display 17.0" WSXGA+ BrightView Widescreen (1680x1050)

Graphics Card 256MB NVIDIA® GeForce® Go 7600

Personalization HP Imprint Finish + Microphone + Webcam

Memory 2048MB DDR2 System Memory (2 Dimm)

Hard Drive 80GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive

Acronis 10 full image backup on External HD.

Primary CD/DVD Drive Super Multi 8X DVD+/-R/RW w/Double Layer Support

Networking Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection

TV & Entertainment Experience No TV Tuner w/remote control

Primary Battery 8 Cell Lithium Ion Battery

Open Office

OS and Recovery Media System Recovery DVD w/Windows XP/SP3

I use:

Avast free


AVG Anti-root free




Spybot Search and Destroy



O&0 Defrag 2000 free

auslogistics defrag




All the above are manually and randomly used with definitions updated daily.

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Hi, tallin1 welcome to the forum

The only definite cause of the message if that's the one I am attaching is - the service (a2service.exe - is not running) Sure it would be better if you would provide it

1) Please confirm whether the service is running;

2) from the description of the Software you posted - that's not clear what Software has real-time residents active. Please state that

It seems to me that the security is overdone there & that is usually an issue;

3) Probably #2 is the thing that you have to fine tune;

4) Please revise the rules regarding EAM (mentioned service in particular) in your main AV solution and especially in Zone Alarm;

5) If you are using MBAM with resident - disable that and especially it's IP filtering (that could be a cause of numerous problems, as reported in many places);

6) Review the System Events logged and tell whether there are any Warnings/Errors regarding EAM at the time you are trying to start it

My regards

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Greetings Lynx,

Thanks for your post reply. Yes, that is the exact message in your screen shot included in it. As stated in my first post, I no longer have Emsisoft Ant-Malware 5.0 installed, have just surfaced for the day, so will install it and get back to you with the result. Please remember after installation all is well for weeks, then the problem shows up out of the blue.

It seems to me that the security is overdone there & that is usually an issue;
All programs are manually and randomly run for years with no problems until this issue arose with Emsisoft.

I will post later after real life requirements, installation and will check in services if EAM is disabled, Manual or Automatic.

Until later....

kind regards,

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Hi again,

Following up from my earlier post I report I have installed EAM, updated definitions, run a deep scan with no issues at all. I have the free license version with no guard settings enabled as they are greyed out for free version so no icon showing near the clock.

Strangely, program is not showing in Start > Programs which I find perplexing, but it is in Add and Remove as EAM 135.00 MB. In Task Manager > Processes > EAM shows as A2service.exe

In Services EAM shows in Automatic, and Started, however since installation I have restarted EAM, but not the computer.

Opening My Computer > (C:) > Program files, there is a folder EAM.

MBAM is the free version as are all other programs as stated in my initial post. None are running at Start-up and are manually used at random. The only program enabled at Startup is ERUNT registry backup.

best regards,

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Thanks for the reply, tallin1

As far as I can understand, according to the description EAM now is working fine (I hope)

The restart of the Software is required sometimes after executable modules being updated (you are prompted) , so that is most likely fine

Sure a2service has to be set & running as you described

a side note: just in case, in order to test the appearance of the message in question as in initial post & my reply the - you can temporarily stop the service & set it as Disabled; then invoke EAM

What was the culprit of the troubles currently remains unknown

As for the Start > Programs item

Please have a look whether you have “a-squared Anti-Malware” instead of “Emsisoft Anti-Malware”

That may be the case and that's how it is currently on some win 7 x64 systems I am looking after

On XP – my main working system - I performed Clean Uninstall / Reinstall compare to Win 7, where there were several re-installations / upgrades without cleaning old existed “a-squared”.

It remains as “a-squared Anti-Malware 4.5” in Add/Remove

despite running latest full beta EAM and there are no ill effects though

My regards

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Please have a look whether you have “a-squared Anti-Malware” instead of “Emsisoft Anti-Malware”

My regards

Yes, all is well with EAM at the moment, but this has happened numerous times, well over a dozen, then for some unknown reason I get the message you posted in your first reply. I bet my bottom dollar it happens again in the not to distant future. The last time was this week when I decided to uninstall EAM for good. I then came across your forum so decided to post........once I registered which took me three attempts. Finally succeeded with the help of one of your Administrators who told me there was a fault on your forum.

There still is as I am getting no email notifications and yes, I have them enabled in my settings.

I did look for a-squared Anti=Malware in Programs, not there.

Thank you for your assistance, I will let you know how long EAM behaves on my systems, but I assure you it will only be a week or so before that same message is thrown onto my desktop. I will of course update here when and if the misbehavior pattern returns

Best regards, :unsure:

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