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Shutdown Protection?

I think we should not add that option to right click menu because when a ransomware comes as a crack or patch the user need to stop their antivirus to run that that file, they mention that in the download window.

as the user searches for stopping the protection he will see and click on the shutdown protection button, boom all the files will be locked before he knows it.

since we are not running in the background we can't do anything...

I think the button should be like "stop protection" which will turn off automatic protection. since the behaviour analysis is running in the background we can block it...

please reply and let me know if this suggestion worth of thinking...

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it's not.

Users should be able to shutdown protection when needed.

(The file guard will stay activated anyways)

As soon as a user decided to shutdown protection they knwo what they a re doing, EAM even shows a warning dialog.

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