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Hi first i have to say you "congratulations for the decision to migrate EIS to EAM " I think this desision is very controversial but before that I always are in the indesision EAM or EIS? For me is good hear the Windows FW are good option and is good to hear Emsi helps to work in the better way posible. Another vendors like Avira and Trend micro take similar desisions. For me is cool "Cheap software, same functionality and protection. You always answer in the forum, and always help  us.

I think you know how to maintain us safe but i understand too another guys,

For me is more confortable know you develop a "Special firewall"

For me is more confortable see red and green marks in websites like WOT extension.

For me is important you say me all the time i am secure.

"Emsi checks this mail and no found viruses" signature is confortable to me

"Emsi blocks a bad website" is good to me.

I understand why you dont put popups for everything, but some users need it.

I know you develop a excelent product but you must be adaptative, for example your antirasomware module is marketing thing but some users feel better whith that. 

Windows defender can say have antirasom but if they dont show us or dont specify we feel bad and unsecure.


Try to understand the paranoid generated for the actual tiems and another companies.

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