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Trying to get a private network setup wired desktop and one or more laptops on wireless.

Prefer to use a work group which I set up in System > Control Panel.

Still much to set up,but do I have to set up a firewall allow rule. I think allow port 443 in/out.

Just got my own Comcast network and been 4-5 years since last set up.,,,Forgot stuff.


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You may need to open the following ports:

  • 137 (TCP & UDP)
  • 138 (UDP)
  • 139 (TCP)
  • 445 (TCP)

Note that you can specify which addresses the ports should be open for, if you'd like to prevent them from being open globally. You will also need to move your custom rule to the top of the list in order to prevent it from being overridden by the other firewall rules.

Also note that these ports should never be open to the Internet. If you connect to the Internet through a router, then you should be safe, however you can run firewall tests online to see if those ports are open or closed. For instance, the ShieldsUp test by Gibson Research can test your router to make sure the ports are not open.

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