Unnecesary things bloatware discusions

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I want to know from the forum users and emsisoft team

What do you think is unnecesary and why

Whith the recent desision to ran out firewall i see a good argument to use windows firewall embebed and i am leaving to use another softwares like antiexes or  antipishingsor sandbox.

What is unnecesary for you and why


Virtualization software? Virtual browsers? For me i read they install certificates and are include more vulnerables than traditional browsers.

Antiexes? For me are cover by behavior shield but i think they are more strict and can work well whith emsi but maybe i t will be unnecesary

Secondary scanders Malwarebytes or Hitman pro? I think only detect FP


Password managers are unnecesary?

What another thing are unnecesary if we have emsi?

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There's already threads from people wanting this or that extra thing added, for example password managers.  I think Emsisoft simply recommend use of one of the well-known open source alternatives.   

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Guest Tempus


The discussion of what is bloatware or not is so individual and subjective. Personally I don't like security software which have it all, because of two reasons. For me those security solutions are, most often,   jack of all trades and master of none. 
And secondly I like to have the freedom to find the best solution that will work for me, eg. the password manager I like best or backup solution that will work for me. You may ask yourself,  if you chose one of those " we have it all  security solutions" , what will happpen that day when you  wish to use another AV-solution ? Then it will be a lot harder, because you have your password and backup stored at them.  God know that i don't always agree in what Emsisoft is doing, but  I do really like Emsisoft for their 100 percent focus in developing software that stops malware, but that is just my opinion.

Best regards

Tempus :)

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Hi i understand are many threats but i think is necesary have a pin post where every user can see that . I know we can search in emsi forum

Is emsi compatible whith X? is necesary that feature?

But if we see this information in a single post we dont make unnecesary post about

I need comodo firewall? i need antiexe?

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