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Would you prefer Emsisoft in your own language

Guest Tempus

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Guest Tempus


How important is it for you to get your security software in your own language ? and if you could get it, would  you then chose it ? I ask because I was surprised that many of my coworkers would actually chose to run software in their native tongue if the had the opportunity. That just surprised me because English is so widely used.... So I am curious, what is your take on that ?? ,  and do you think it would give Emsisoft a marketing advantage that matter in the long run. I know that there is a lot of marketing investment that is hard to measure , but will help build and brand the name even more .

Best regards

Tempus ( I don't know if it's okay to raise this question at all or in this part of the forum. If not,  then just delete it...it's okay :))

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