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Win 7 64 bit via manual updates ( with EAM service stopped in Services and program shutdown)

Update finally installed after 12 minutes  (I almost fell asleep :) )

I know it was a big download and instal,l but 12 minutes is a long time. I don't know a lot about page faults but they went up to a million during the install.

Had a look around and all seemed ok, so I asked to do a malware scan. It asked to restart GUI to load things as usual.

Page faults went up to 2 million during scan (hope I'm not getting to get obsessed with them!!)

After it found my test file it brought up the new window to see if I would like to use Emsisoft as ''we found malware that managed to get through your current defence''  (much better wording now)

I clicked on the option to see what would happen :lol: and it completely started up EAM again, even restarting the service !! At the same time EEK shut down and disappeared.

Just in case they are of any interest I attach the debug logs.




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The pagefaults (which are no faults in fact)  appear to be high, but related to some other common processes, you will notice that actually 1 million is normal.

monitored during a few days:

  • EAM: 20 million
  • WMI: over a billion
  • each Chrome instance has around 15 - 20 Million
  • Skype is close to 2 billion


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Some OSes' management of virtual memory is better than others' - though I suppose it depends on what the OS designers were trying to achieve.  Windows has - as long as I've been aware of it - not been all that good (in my biased opinion).  Windows will use increasing amounts of virtual memory when there's still available/unused free real memory.  Both linux and (in my experience) z/OS don't use (much) vm until there's a dire need for it.  It's possible to run a z/OS system with no (or hardly any) page faults at all, even though paging datasets/files will be defined.   Anyone used to the latter sort of behaviour will be mystified as to why a Windows system, even with vast amounts of real RAM, will still take page faults.   If you google appropriately you can find reams of discussions about this...

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