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Sally Schwartz

Can't access my computer AT ALL

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To whom this may concern:

I used Emsisoft Malware back in 2015 (the free version) yesterday I received to update program with emsisoft emergency kit free trial. Said it wouldn't interfere with my Kaspersky program. WELL NOT SO MUCH!!! It Shut ME OUT of all my programs!!! I can not access any thing not even the internet on my computer. I tried to uninstall your program but you seem to have it so we can not uninstall it. Any information on how I can uninstall your programs Cleansweep, emergency kit I and access ALL my Programs you would make me happy. Please contact me via +++++++++++++ as I have to access any connection through my phone or tablet. Your Malware worked wonderful back in 2015 and I was happy with it. I had the need to run it again to check for Malware but now I  don't think so much. Again my email is ++++++++++++++++++

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Emsisoft Emergency Kit doesn't have an uninstaller because it doesn't technically get "installed". The Emsisoft Emergency Kit "installer" is actually a self-extracting RAR archive, and it just extracts the Emsisoft Emergency Kit files to a folder in the root of your C: drive (usually C:\EEK), so to remove Emsisoft Emergency Kit all you have to do is delete the EEK folder that's in your C: drive.

If you have trouble deleting the folder, then you may also have to follow the instructions at this link to unregister our Emsisoft Protection Platform (EPP) driver and restart your computer before deleting the folder.

Note that you can try adding an exclusion in Kaspersky's software for the Emsisoft Emergency Kit folder, and then restart your computer, and that should resolve any compatibility issues.

Also note that if you have Emsisoft Anti-Malware or Emsisoft Internet Security installed that neither of those products are compatible with software from Kaspersky, and you will experience major performance issues, and more than likely also application and computer freezing/hanging issues if you have either of those installed alongside a Kaspersky product.

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