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CLOSED probably a new malware

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tran the    0

About 15 days ago I found a problem: randomly (email site server or other websites does not matter) the webpage that I'm reading is redirect in a new blank page.

In the bottom of the page I read this line:

trasferimento dati da

The page remain freeze and blank (in the bottom right the cursor remain at 50%).

If I try to return to previous webpage automatically the page is redirect at the same blank page (and bottom line).

I try many scans with all protection softwares (stopzilla; Emisoft anti-malware, avira antivirus) but the problem persist.

I enclose the hijackfree scan.

Someone could help me?


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Kevin Zoll    272

Without the logs from the tools in the instruction linked to by Stapp, there is no way to determine what is causing your problems.

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