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Hello! I sympathize with you. Are you sure that your Emsisoft antivirus  at the time of the attack was updated and functioned normally? If possible, tell us in more detail, under what circumstances an unauthorized process of encryption occurred? I think this will be interesting to many users.

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The program that you have Emsisotf Descrypter Version helped us to describe the extension .arena and then there was another file encrypted with the extension TOP file and then another file with the following extension Macgregor @ aolonline File and then another file with the file next extension ID-E62AD770 File and finally could rescue the file with the original extension.

This works for me with smaller files and if I can recover them. I only need a file that is my main database that weighs 2 GB which I could not recover, do I need the license? Or how it works? Could you please support me?


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Sorry, but this forum is actually for users of the Emsisoft antivirus. I do not think that you will be helped here with your problem if you are not a user of the products of this vendor. Try contacting technical support related specifically to your security product.

With respect

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@Barsuk you are not authorized to post in other users threads in this particular portion of our forums.  Here at Emsisoft we will help anyone seeking assistance regardless if the use any of our products are not.

@Obed I am moving your support thread to our Ransomware section.

Edited by Kevin Zoll
Moved from Help, my PC is infected!
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