License transfer form crashed computer

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I have 9 licenses and they are all being used. Yesterday, the motherboard on of my computers decided to die.

I now have a replacement computer and have installed EIS, but when I try to input my license key, it tells me I have no more licenses available.

I can't go back and remove EIS from the old computer. How do I delete the license from the unusable computer so I can transfer it to the new one?

Thanks in advance!

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As i know , when you enter the license on your new PC ,

Emsisoft will jump out a license confirm windows and show your license seats  and how many PC you have been use before , 

and you can select your old PC ( which your broken one ) , than confirm it , and your new PC  now should replace your old one ,

and  your license should be work right now .


if it's not working , than i will suggest you to contact Emsisoft by email ,

Sales/Licensing: [email protected]


The response is faster and more privacy  :)

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It looks like Thomas Ott already assisted you with this. If you need anything else, then please be sure to let us know. ;)

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