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Emsisoft Internet Security migration feedback

Frank H

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With the removal of its Internet security product, the company found that it was being destroyed.
A self-styled decision / no polls from users and completely wrong.
We live in a world where everyone uses the Internet and needs security in this space.
emsisoft suddenly eliminates its Internet security product.
Maybe this has been done to reduce costs?
Perhaps the developers' skills were not enough to achieve this!
I'm really disappointed.
 It was supposed to be 1./5 times the Internet security license of October 1, and it would become an anti malware but it did not happen to me!

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The objective of this thread is to provide feedback about the migration process for beta testers and not about being disappointed about the migration in general.

Answers on your question can be found here:




Details about this beta release can be found here




Please note that Emsisoft Internet Security will automatically migrate to Emsisoft Anti-Malware. This cannot be reversed. Please don’t switch to Stable update feed after the update. Emsisoft Internet Security licenses will be extended on Oct 2nd, 2017, as announced.


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You also know that a security product without a firewall = viral infection
Login to phishing and infected sites

Emsisoft Anti-Malware

Your product can not provide complete security

Your product can not provide complete security

We made a mistake about your product.
We thought that your team would quickly develop your product
  But that did not happen.
The current world has no meaning without security.
Unfortunately, your team does something offensive to your users by doing this (we have to be right).
Instead of protecting your firewall section in layers, you completely deleted it.
I always advised your product, because of the quality and progress of my friends
  But now more .....

I tried to speak honestly.
I posted a post on the ESET community that was deleted by ESET.
Because you are honest and do not clean up user posts from the community,
Thank you
Workers should be free to give their opinions and opinions about your products
To get a good niche.


best regurd 


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I have to say that it actually works better. I am enjoying the change. Windows FW has come a long way. I didn't even have to add my special rules. As many of the admin already know from past conversations. I deal with hackers on a daily basis with games and let me tell you. They really hate me now.

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ARMOUR, if you had read https://changeblog.emsisoft.com/2017/09/29/beta-updates-2017-09-29/

 you would have known that today the EAM licenses that already migrated from EIS will be extendedm foir beta and stable update feed users.

Could you please remove the screenprint from your previous post, as it is of no relevance.

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